Monday, December 31, 2007

A Little About Me

Well I'm a pretty simple guy. Or at least I try to portray myself that way. As I find myself looking at who my potential audience will be, I hope I can find my perfect niche. In my past blogs, it was more about self-discovery, venting, or my exploits; I never felt that my audience matched what I was trying to say. This one is still new and I will probably post pictures of my life and friends as well as still discover new things, vent, and share my exploits (with most names changed to protect the innocent).

I'm a 25 year old (not-so) recent college grad, making a life for myself in a cute apartment in a medium-sized city. I am a 6'2", 175# gay man, and the other physical details can be seen in my profile picture. I guess I should share the things I love (besides the givens of friends, family and life):
  1. Traveling: I've only been to two other countries besides the United States but have been to half the states or more. In my life I want to fill up my passport and bring back experiences, things, and stories from all over the world.
  2. Food: I love all aspects of it. I spend a lot of time looking at how it's grown, shipped, prepared, and enjoyed. I love to cook as well as eat. I hope someday to have a garden of my own.
  3. Drinks: I enjoy coffee, wine, beer and liquor. I drink a lot of water and find it as large a part of my day as food.
  4. History and Politics: I got my degree in history back in 2004. I enjoy talking about where our country is and how we got here.
  5. Current Events: I read a lot of blogs and online newspapers and listen to NPR, everything from entertaining funny stories to environmental issues and minority rights.
  6. Home Decor: I am a huge fan of the decor blogs. I am an artist as well as a musician and have found home decor as a seriously fun outlet. I am looking forward to 2008 as a great year to continue decorating my new apartment.
And now it's time to look back at 2007:
  • I got a great job doing something I love and have grown professionally.
  • I have made more money than could have been imagined doing something I love.
  • I lost weight (unintentionally but I'll take it).
  • My sister got married: it was a great time to catch up with my family and come out to many of them.
  • I am happier because I'm living the life that makes me happy and healthy (greener).
Best discoveries of 2007:
  • [title of show]: Everything about this musical makes me happy. It pushes me to pursue my dreams at any cost and makes me laugh on a daily basis. (they have a blog, podcast, youtube episodes, as well as kick ass music) I'm one of your 9!
  • Wrinkles: Not necessarily that I got any but I'm happy that those I may or may not have gotten were well earned.
  • Apartment Therapy: Chicago: saving the world, one room at a time. I even got published in it back in November!
  • Unclutterer: the blog about getting and staying organized. It's a great blog.
  • EmployeeEvolution: the voice of millennial's at work. It's a great career blog.
  • And finally the Best of the Best: To the City of Chicago! Thanks for hosting me twice; I've fallen in love with you!
Those remembered:
Benazir Bhutto; Gerald Ford; Virginia Tech; to those who perished in tragedies whether near or far; to those victims of war and oppression, and to those who gave their blood in the name of Democracy. You will be missed and remembered as a lasting part of 2007.

Coming up: 2008! and all of it's newness; pictures.

Only 309 days until we know our new president! and 386 left of gwb.

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